Deftalink Overview

Deftalink is a company that is dedicated to offering information security consultancy, training and digital marketing services.

The company is made up of a pool of Professionals with wide experience in various fields of IT security, hands-on training and internet marketing. Among the services offered include:

Vulnerability Assessment

We do vulnerability scanning and assessments on both web applications and networks then provide reports.

Penetration Testing

We test computer Systems, networks and web applications to identify vulnerabilities before attackers exploit.

Secure Code Review

We perform secure source code review to verify, analyze and report on the security of applications in time.

Website Development

We do quick design and development of websites that are responsive, secure, smooth and Search Engine Optimized.

Mobile Phone Security

We provide consultancy on mobile phone security, functionality & usage, spying, tracking and forensic services.

Security Training

We offer computer security training on areas like: Ethical Hacking, Secure Development and more...

USSD Security

We do USSD application Security audits to corporates such as financial institutions, parastatals, telecoms...

VoIP Security

We help organizations to set up secure softphones systems so as to avoid financial loses through fraud.

Security Awareness

We offer security awareness training to both employees in organizations and other end users.

User Acceptance Test

We do user acceptance tests to newly acquired systems in organizations to ensure expectations are met.

End Point Security

We do integrated end point security solutions installation, configurations and management services

Digital Forensics

We do both mobile and computer forensic investigation activities in reaction to incidence occurrences.

Computer Maintenance

We do professional computer maintenance services including Cleaning and repair

Digital Marketing

We do internet marketing to all categories and sizes of businesses through our digital platform.

Job Interview Skills

We deliver training on Effective Job Interview skills to students, employers and potential job seeking candidates.

Nature Of Our Services

The core nature of Deftalink services, courses and consultants that has kept us sailing all along are:
  • Quality Of Services- Provision of high quality services is our main goal.
  • Quality Of Courses-We offer hands-on courses that are: 70% practical, scenario based and taught by consultants with wide field experience.
  • Dedicated Client Service-We are committed to ensuring that we give full attention to meeting our clients' requirements.
  • Expertise-Deftalink is a pool of professionals that maintain the same professionalism in their work.
  • Ethics-Information security requires the highest ethical standards. This is not left behind by Deftalink.


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