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At Deftalink we believe that "Information Is Power, you lose it you are left powerless."


To help individuals and organizations achieve better information security, through proper services and training.


To achieve a state of information and information security among individuals and organizations.

Why Deftalink

Deftalink's pool of professionals with wide experience in their fields of expertise, provide it with an advantage over the rest. The wide variety of courses and services with exceptional nature and value addition are also not left behind.

Furthermore, it has partnered with international companies with high quality product ranges that best meet client requirements.

Why Our Services

Information Security is among our core services. Here we provide a wide range of services such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, Security training and more..
Deftalink has a team of experts in web design and development that has worked on a number of projects for years and this puts us in the front row for choice.
Through our digital marketing platform, we provide you with a chance to tell yourself to the rest of the world very easily and more effectively...
Deftalink provides training on Job Interview Skills. This is one course that any student, potential job candidates and interviewers should never miss. More...

Our Expertise

Information Security
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Website Development
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Internet Marketing
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Job Skills Training
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